The Gateway

Project Overview

The Gateway is a newly developed commercial campus in Edmonton, Canada. Shugarman Architecture designed a professional center that combines a 30,000 sqft 2-storey building with a separate 8,000 sqft single storey building, and a small urban square in between.

In response to the client’s aesthetically-driven vision and a conscientious budget, we designed the building shapes as simple clean forms using simple cost effective structural systems.

In terms of site planning, the two buildings provide dynamic vantage points for visitors as they approach the site. Our goal was to promote a spatial and aesthetic dialogue between the two buildings and in turn create a welcoming outdoor atmosphere for the gathering space between them.

The intent is to entice visitors to stay on the site longer, promoting both revenue and a sense of place.

The lower level is designed to allow for successful retail tenancies,  while the upper floors are reserved for professional services. Aesthetically, we designed the lower level to feel open and welcoming with an emphasis on glazing to allow customers to see in easily. Accentuating the light base level is the dark coloured solid form of the upper floor. These two contrasting forms are accented by wood panels, punched windows, and non-uniform cladding and brickwork.

The project will be completed in two phases, the first being the two story professional building which will commence construction in summer 2021.

Edmonton, Alberta
38,000 sqft
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Principal Architect
Michael Shugarman
Associate, Senior Architect
Sean Lee
Architecture Visualization
Michael Ferster