The Residences Lobby

Project Overview

Shugarman Architecture was asked to create a concept for an impactful residential lobby to complement an in-development luxury condo in the heart of Edmonton’s Ice District.  We wanted to emphasize and embrace the height of the proposed space and the surrounding design of Ice District. To do that we envisioned a reduced palette of base materials of brass, quartz, and wood but accentuated their qualities by spanning them from floor to ceiling without any interruptions or seams.

The reception desk is encased in a rolling sheet of brass with folds that mimic flowing fabric. The brass sheet follows along the desk before transforming into a sculptural piece that shrouds a living wall. The brass is etched with a wood grain texture to echo and compliment the wood wall panels throughout the rest of the Lobby. Just behind reception are a series of expansive quartz slabs. we have offset each slab as a set of vertical louvers to allow light to spill out behind each panel as a playful suggestion that there may be more happening behind each slab just out of sight.

The reception area follows through to the lounge and elevators with a feature wall of hanging brass-framed shelves that accommodate a coffee area to build and encourage moments of interaction among residents.

Edmonton, Alberta
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Architecture Visualization
Michael Ferster
Principal Architect
Michael Shugarman