Banff Park Lodge

Project Overview

Banff Park Lodge has been a crux in the Banff landscape for over 50 years, so we were honoured to redesign this prized hotel. The newly designed interior and exterior will pay homage to the architecture of the original building while meshing contemporary elegance with comfort to create a space that is on par with the best in Banff hospitality.

The scope includes 211 rooms, multiple restaurants, commercial/retail spaces, and conference quarters totaling over 250,000 sqft. With the intent to bring the hotel back to its roots, we drew inspiration from nature and the natural elements that embody Banff, and how the hotel interacts with the community. We pulled in a deep sense of relaxation throughout the rooms with the use of earthy tones, natural materials, and quality finishes, while crafting new and bespoke amenities such as the transformational main lobby with cafe, restaurants, + conference centres to cater to the needs of the modern traveller.

For the keen eye, the mural wall located behind the beds includes a subtle custom abstract topographical design that traces the hotel and its other properties to act as a point of interest within the rooms.

Banff Park Lodge is currently under construction, with an expected completion date scheduled for April 2025, however, the hotel remains fully operational. Stay tuned for additional renders to follow soon.

Banff, Alberta
211 Rooms
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Senior Interior Designer
Crystal Koopman
Interior Designer
Tamara LaFrenz
Associate, Intern Architect
Joel Piecowye
Principal Architect
Michael Shugarman
Interior Designer
Jennifer Handcock
Architecture Technologist
Steven Meldrum
Intern Architect
Bryce Clayton
Architecture Visualization
Michael Ferster