Roger's Place

Owner's Rep
Project Overview

From the first crafting of a program brief to the final installation of accessories, Shugarman Architecture and Design was directly involved in all aspects of Rogers Place Arena

Specifically, Shugarman Architecture and Design was involved in the following manner;

  1. We led the initial selection process for design consultancy.
  2. We developed the aesthetic design brief on behalf of the Client for the prime consultant, HOK architects of Kansas City.
  3. We developed the material and color palette concept for the arena with the owner.
  4. We worked throughout design of the Arena to both convey owner design intent and conversely to facilitate feedback from Architect to the owner.
  5. We augmented HOK’s design work with schematic design studies and material selection to assist in developing aesthetic solutions as needed.
  6. We assumed specific interior design responsibilities for certain areas within the Arena.

The Prime Design Consultancy for the Arena was the responsibility of HOK Architects, and in particular George Heinlein, Scott Rolston, Ryan Gedney, and John Jesik.

Shugarman Architecture and Design worked very closely with this team. We acted to develop and convey design intent to HOK, to both direct their aesthetic efforts and as necessary to convey their concerns and recommendations back to ownership, to develop and guide material and color palette, to execute specific interior design scopes within the Arena, and principally to be responsible for elevating the arena design to the highest level achievable given total project parameters.

It is acknowledged that it is largely through our stewardship, advocacy, and oversight that the Arena Aesthetic came to be.

Edmonton, Alberta
1.2 million sqft.
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Principal Architect
Michael Shugarman
Owner's Rep